I got my start as an editor and producer of short documentaries and non-profit videos covering refugee crises in the Middle East, the independence of South Sudan, and innovation in Uganda (for which my documentary short MAKAPADS was a semi-finalist in GE's Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition).

I have edited a variety of advocacy, educational, and promotional video projects.  My most recent work can been seen in Meridian Hill Pictures’ feature documentary film, City of Trees (assistant editor), and short film The Scholar and the Sailor (editor).  I have also worked as a second editor on the feature documentary film Fly By Light; and as an editor of the Discovery Learning Alliance’s Teacher Training video series, produced by Think Out Loud Productions.

When not in the edit room, I have worked as a mentor and technical advisor in youth media and teacher training classes in New York City and Washington, DC, where I have co-created a range of iPad and iPod-based video curricula.

My upcoming projects include co-directing and editing an independent documentary short about classical Indian Dance, tentatively titled Rasa; and editing a yet-to-be-named documentary short on earthquake recovery efforts in Nepal.

I have a master’s in Media Studies from The New School in New York City.